Summer Classics Fall Sale Oct. 25-31!


Summer Classics is having a Factory Authorized Fall Sale – 10 percent off all custom orders, October 25th – October 31st! To help inspire you for Fall Entertaining, here’s a recent blog from Summer Classics:


We think fall is one of the best times to entertain outdoors and enjoy your Summer Classics furniture. That’s why we were excited to talk with Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, a TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and author in Dallas, Texas, about her favorite ideas for outdoor fall entertaining.

Q: What  are your favorite ways to entertain outdoors this time of year?

Kimberly: I love to host casual get togethers with entire families included. I have two little ones so including their friends in the mix is a treat for me! I love any recipe that I can simmer all day in a slow cooker in the Fall but my two favorites are my mother’s Turkey Chili recipe served like a Frito Pie and an amazingly simple Pulled Chicken Taco concoction where everyone goes back for seconds!  Even though I might serve casual recipes, I don’t skimp on decor!  I love to set the table and arrange flowers for a party whether it is formal or casual.  Here is my mother’s turkey chili recipe –– nothing fancy! 

Q: When it comes to accessorizing your outdoor spaces for parties, what are some of your favorite things?  

Kimberly: Glass hurricanes with candles are always one of my favorite outdoor elements because I like the light they give off and I don’t have to worry about a breeze blowing out the flame. I also love to layer my collection of cake stands and fill the different tiers with produce and Fall florals. I love to include pumpkins and gourds, leaves and branches but I also like to include pears, pomegranates (some cut open and others left whole) and apples for pops of unexpected color. A few examples are on my blog. 

 Q: What types of furniture pieces and groupings do you like best for outdoor parties?

Kimberly: I love having lots of tables where people can gather and pull up a chair, but I also love small seating areas.  I often add a few garden stools and extra cocktail tables around a large bench to make a grouping that is more conducive to conversation starting.  



Q: What is your best-kept secret for a great fall outdoor get-together?  

Kimberly: A punch bowl!  It is so practical and nostalgic!  As a hostess, it is great because you can set it out and let your guests help themselves.  As a guest, it is a great place to strike up  new conversations and meet new people!  

Q: What is your favorite thing about your outdoor spaces?  

Kimberly: I love the flexibility that an outdoor space provides. You can easily transform spaces to suit the type of party you are having. You can set up folding tables in unexpected places or add extra seating around a bench to change the way you normally use a space. I also love the way the setting of the sun changes the mood of a party. It is almost like a curtain going down on act one and a new scene starting in act two! And that relaxing vibe that comes from hearing the wind rustle the leaves in your trees and the romantic glow that comes from the moon! You can’t replicate that indoors no matter how hard you try!



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